Want to be GREAT? YOUR time is NOW. What are you waiting for to be Great?

Are you waiting for the right timing?  Are you waiting until you catch up on bills? Are you waiting to pay off all your debts? Are you waiting for your children to go to university?

You no longer need to wait. You no longer need to put off your greatness. You need to understand that you are worthy of being great. Do you believe we were put here to suffer? Were we put here to “Earn a living”? Why do we need to “Earn a living” when we are already living? You have earned the right to be great by simply being the wonderful person that you are.

All of us are great and deserve to be and are worthy of greatness.

When you hear stories of women lifting cars off their child, or other wild stories of superhuman strength…do you ever think to yourself that you would do the same thing if you were in that situation? If a car was on your child, could you lift it? I could, I bet you are thinking you could…but why does this greatness of MENTAL strength only come out in extreme cases? Why not recognize our potential right here, right now and hone our mental strengths?

Don’t wait another minute delaying your greatness. You already know your passion.  It’s time to move toward it. Most people feel much more comfortable ignoring their power, but, that is because of their inner fear.

Every single choice we make is based either out of love or out of fear. Most people choose not to choose. They choose not to create their life, but to let life happen to them. That indecision, is also a choice, a choice made out of fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failing, how about fear of success?

The ultimate fear should be the fear of making it to old age and looking back and realizing how great you COULD have been. Don’t be the person who dies with their dreams still inside.

If you go through life solely based on logic, there will never be a perfect time for you to act. Those of us with children…was there ever a perfect time to have a child? The answer is NO. But, did we create perfectness once the child was here? The answer is YES.

You can CREATE, instead of WAIT, for the PERFECT TIME. That time is now. Take the step toward your greatness and live your passion.

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