So often I get asked…  Why network marketing??  You are probably wondering what I am getting from a business that is more popularly known as a scam. It is estimated that over 96 million people are involved in this industry globally.  That is a fair few people involved in a scam, right?  Let me tell you a little bit about why I chose network marketing.

In June 2014, I was expecting my second child.  My husband and I had planned our life out exactly as we wanted it. A family of four, we already have a son and our unborn daughter was due at the end of the month. We have our beautiful home, great jobs, life was almost perfect.

Then something happened and life wasn’t so perfect, in fact some would say that life was cruel, it had taken from us the one thing that we needed to complete our perfect picture. My daughter was born sleeping at 39.5 weeks. All those things that you are feeling and thinking about right now in this moment are exactly how we felt and more.

But we had 12212039_10208438222338018_687621775_neverything planned, I certainly did everything that I should have, what does this mean, where are we heading, what am I supposed to do NOW! I had no idea what each day was bringing me, all I did know is that I was not going to be defeated.  I needed to still be a wife and a mother to my son.  I also still needed to be me!

As tragic as this point in my life was, I wanted to get up everyday. Even more so to watch my son grow, to see him smiling and laughing. He is here with me and I wasn’t going to lose a second with him.

Then an opportunity was shown to me.  Something that I could do while being at home with my son. Nothing else that was told to me about this opportunity even mattered.  I just wanted to be with my family and make some money as I went.

Why network marketing?  Network marketing is a home based business which means you make money at home. It can sometimes also be referred to as multi level marketing – MLM. People invest money into the opportunity and get products or services in return. Then to make money in this business, you need to market those items that you have. You can even earn commissions by referring another investor to the MLM company.

The best thing about this is that you get to have the freedom you want that you don’t get from your traditional 9-5 job. You own your own time whilst you manage your money. Imagine what that would feel like for you. Powerful?

Sounds too good to be true, right?  It is most certainly the truth. Want to know more?

Together we can achieve anything!

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