Do you have dreams? Why create a vision journal?

Have you ever just sat and daydreamed about the things that you want in your life?

Seeing is believing, goes the saying, but sometimes it’s hard to visualise positive outcomes in life when stress, boredom and the rigours of routine grind us down. That’s when a vision journal can work its magic.Today I started to create my vision journal.  What is a vision journal…?  It is a moving vision board. No more waiting until you get home to post a picture, note, or idea on a board that is hanging on a wall – while you are out living life. Be free to express yourself anywhere. Take it with you, it’s a gentle reminder of your future – your life!

Studies show that pictures and affirmations have the potential to make us feel more positive, and according to Harvard University researchers, an optimistic outlook can reduce the risk of disease and even boost longevity. Now who wouldn’t want that?

In essence, it’s a collage of pictures, words and quotes that visually represent what you aspire to.

Do you have a vision journal?

5 steps to creating your vision journal.

1. Make it your own.

A vision journal can creatively ignite your enthusiasm for life and let you channel your efforts towards specific endeavours. It helps you develop a deeper, more visual idea about what might make you happy.

Look for pictures and headlines that amuse and engage you, and explore the things you want to welcome into your life.

2. Choosing your book.

When choosing a book for your journal I advise choosing something large enough to allow your story to grow.

3. Use what is around you.

A good way to start is to go through books, newspapers and magazines and cut out things that fit your orientation to make an individualised collage. Don’t just cut out clichéd images; select personalised interpretations of what happiness is to you.


4. Show it off.

The vision journal works so well because it’s a daily reminder of the direction you want to be heading in.

5. Don’t forget it.

Keep adding to your journal over time, even if your goals change. It’s an ongoing work in progress, and a never-ending story that gets modified as your journey through life reveals more about what’s important to you.

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